Acceptable Use Policy

I. Money Back Guarantee

Hardwired Hosting reserve the right to suspend or terminate any service abusing server resources. This includes, but is not limited to: CPU Usage, RAM Usage and I/O resources. It is at Hardwired Hosting’s discretion as to whether a service is abusing server resources.

II. Prohibited Content

Services used by Hardwired Hosting are to be used for lawful purposes only, Hardwired Hosting strictly forbids the use of our services for anything which may be in breach of the law, this includes, but is not limited to:

• Pirated/Cracked Software
• Spam E-Mail sending
• The discussion of hacking
• The storage/use of tools intended for hacking purposes
• The storage/use of tools used to disrupt/attack other networks or services
• Content that may be in breach of Copyright Laws
• The storage or use of child pornography is strictly prohibited

Hardwired Hosting reserve the right to take necessary action against service users who are in breach of the Law or any of the points outlined on this page.

III. Malicious Activity

Hardwired Hosting strictly prohibits the use of tools/services, or the promotion/discussion of services used to breach, or attack networks/services. Hardwired Hosting reserve the right to take action (with or without warning) against the service(s) involved, this may include immediate suspension or termination. It is at Hardwired Hosting discretion as to what classes as Malicious Activity.

IV. Account Transfers

Hardwired Hosting offer a free, complimentary account transfer service. Hardwired Hosting will transfer individual cPanel accounts free of charge. Hardwired Hosting will only transfer accounts from other cPanel servers which have the ability to use the full backup feature. In addition, Hardwired Hosting makes no guarantee as to how quickly accounts will be transferred, this is a complimentary service and therefore any other incidents that should arise will take priority.

V. Free Domain Names

Hardwired Hosting offer a free domain name with selected Web Hosting Packages, from time to time. If the free domain name is claimed with a service and the client requests a refund within the first 14 days under our money back guarantee, Hardwired Hosting will deduct the normal cost of the domain name off of the refunded amount.