SSL Certificates are now available in the addon store.

Just £9.99 A Domain!!!

In simple terms, an SSL certificate is a communications protocol that provides security for web developers and users whilst using the Internet. This type of safeguard is important since the information sent across the Internet is essentially unsecured and, in theory, could be intercepted and accessed by a third party.

SSL certificates work by establishing a trusted connection secured by end-to-end encryption between the website's server and the client's browser. This is accomplished almost instantly as the host and the provider communicate the particular SSL certificate and verify a common key. As the Internet has developed, so too have SSL certificates, providing increased security as external threats have become more sophisticated. This means that you will always be protected, despite the changeable nature of these external threats.<br />

SSL certificates are important, not only for the safety of users, but also for search engine optimisation (SEO) and website visibility. Since August 2014, Google has communicated that SSL should be implemented to ensure both in-house, and the Internet as a whole, is a safer place. For this reason, Google prioritises websites with valid SSL certificates, with their algorithms consistently ranking websites with SSL higher up the list.

Whilst Google still recognises other aspects as important when ranking, the security of a website is paramount to its success and it is likely that even more weight will be placed on its user safety in the future. When you buy an SSL certificate, you will be able to offer your customers assurance as to their personal data and ensure that your website ranks higher than websites without SSL. Customers will appreciate the confidence your website inspires in them and return to your site again and again.<br />

So why not get you SSL Certificate for your domain today, so your customers and visitors know they are using a trusted and secure website.

**Note** Personal Hosting account holders and above need not purchase this addon, as it is already encluded in the basic package, this is for customers wanting to save money and stay on the Beginner plan but have SSL Cerificates for there website, as the beginner plan is the only hosting account that does not come with by default.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

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