How do I upgrade or downgrade my service? Print

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Please refer to the guides below to upgrade or downgrade your service.

Upgrading your service:

  • Login to the client area
  • Click 'Services''
  • Click 'My Services'
  • Click the service you wish to upgrade
  • Click 'Upgrade/Downgrade'
  • Click 'Choose Product' on the service you wish to upgrade to

Downgrading your service:

  • Ensure your service is using within the Resource Allocation of the package you wish to downgrade to (for example, if your new package has 1GB of space allocated to it, ensure that your service is currently using less than 1GB of space)
  • Open a support ticket with the billing department to request that your service is downgraded, ensuring that you specify which package you wish to be downgraded to

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